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Starshot Podcast

May 11, 2019

Polk Chapter Three.

After saving Tala and running into a nearby mall, Polk discovers a bigger conspiracy happening just minutes away from the chaos of the West Sands square.

Art/Music by Sawlead:

Twitter: @Starshotpod

Apr 26, 2019

Cole Chapter Three.

Time passing in a haze, Cole stumbles across a new discovery.

Art/Music by Sawlead:

Twitter: @Starshotpod

Apr 12, 2019

Dorothy Chapter One.

After toiling for years over at the Sanger farms, Dorothy Sanger is faced with one of the toughest threats to her farm since Worldfall.

Dorothy is played by Drew.

Art/Music by Sawlead:

Twitter: @Starshotpod

Mar 29, 2019

Zed Chapter Two.

After an explosion rocks the Aspiration, Zed and his crew interrogate the infiltrator in hopes of learning more about her motivations.

Zed is played by Amit.

Art/Music by Sawlead:

Mar 15, 2019

Polk chapter two.

Polk goes to a vigil. Things may or may not go wrong.

Music & art provided by Sawlead:

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